Skyline Tower Is Set to Bring Queens to a Whole New Level

It’s no secret that Long Island City and Astoria are set to add a series of future icons to the NYC skyline. And none of these projects are as ambitious, or as vibrant, as Chris Xu’s Skyline Tower. Primed to be the borough’s first billion-plus-dollar sellout, the 67-story tower will top out at 778 feet, making it the tallest building in Queens. Designed by Whitehall Interiors, the building’s large, sophisticated residences, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, will provide wildly expansive views of Manhattan and beyond.

The shimmering, sleek facade looks as if it’s propelling upward into the sky — its stature and bold, monolithic, stacked design appear to declare, without trepidation, that Queens is the future of high-end real estate in the Big Apple.

Named’s Building of the Year for 2018, Skyline Tower will house a staggering 802 LIC condos while featuring luxurious amenities that will rival those of any building in the city. There will be a state-of-the-art fitness center, with a sauna and spa for relaxation and recuperation, and a yoga room if you’re craving some Chakrasana to get through the day. There will also be a children’s playroom, so you won’t have to leave the building to give your little ones a change of scenery. You’ll also find a pool for a refreshing cooldown or swimming a few laps, a laundry room, bike storage, private parking, and a series of lounges for, well, lounging.

Residents won’t have to leave the building too often if they don’t want to, but when they do, they will find themselves in a neighborhood brimming with cultural and culinary gems — right across the water from the bright lights of Manhattan. Long Island City and Astoria provide all the benefits of big-city living, while still maintaining a separate existence from the unceasing din of Manhattan. They are bustling havens that are able to maintain their own, distinct identity.

When it comes to LIC condos, there are a roster of exciting new projects on the horizon, but none quite hold a candle to Skyline Tower; the refinement of the design, the meticulous attention to detail, and the sheer size of the building are simply unequaled. Queens real estate is about to leap up to a whole new level — and it’s certainly a sign of things to come.