Living Local: Craft Beer Central

From refreshing IPAs to robust stouts to mouth-puckering sours, craft beer has become a major part of drinking culture in New York City. The stretch of Queens from Long Island City through Astoria is home to a concentration of excellent new craft breweries, and the area is turning into something of a destination for beer hunters and Untappd addicts. And, with a host of new condos in LIC and Astoria coming onto the market, there’s never been a better time to find yourself living in Queens. Here are just a few of the exciting craft breweries making up the local neighborhood scene.


Crafty Taprooms

One advantage of living in Astoria is the bevy of local breweries with taprooms that serve food as well as delicious brews. Guests at SingleCut’s hip taproom will enjoy the brewery’s rock-and-roll-themed selection of beers along with a rotating cast of pop-up food vendors. The folks at SingleCut have been brewing beer in Astoria since 2012 and their taproom is a celebration of all things musical, featuring record-spinning bartenders, live music, and tap handles shaped like the necks of classic guitars. Farther south in Astoria, Fifth Hammer Brewing Company serves their selection of IPAs and sours in a converted industrial space that harkens back to the DIY roots of the craft beer movement.


Artsy Offerings

If you’re looking for something Instagram-worthy, LIC Beer Project in Long Island City produces a stunning line of canned brews that taste as good as their packaging suggests. The brewery is housed in a large warehouse space where guests can play games or listen to live music while enjoying a selection of IPAs, farmhouse ales, and even barrel-aged selections. Beer lovers seeking a more refined experience should check out ICONYC Brewing Company, where bartenders serve unique beers like Vexed, a combination of Saison and Imperial Stout, from behind a bar featuring a classy pressed-tin backdrop.


Going Belgian

The Astoria/Long Island City area is home to a burgeoning Belgian beer scene, and Transmitter Brewing has lead the charge with their farmhouse ales since opening their Long Island City location in 2013. Brewed with a combination of ancient yeasts and modern scientific know-how, Transmitter produces compelling and inventive beers in Belgian styles, including golden ales, triples, and sours. Visitors to the brewery in Long Island City can taste the latest brews and even buy a bottle to take home and enjoy later.


Drinking Buddies

Convinced that Astoria or Long Island City is where you want to be cracking open cold ones? Give the Modern Spaces team a call, filled with local agents  who have years of experience and will stop at nothing to find the perfect home for clients. Whether you’re in the market for an LIC luxury apartment or a spacious condo in Astoria, our team has the expertise and local knowledge needed to cut your house-hunting time in half and get you out to your favorite new brewery in no time at all.