How to Organize the Perfect Apartment

As we head into September, we are ready to get our homes prepared for the cooler months to come. From the runaway success of Marie Kondo’s Netflix show to the countless YouTube channels dedicated to organizational hacks, getting things in order is getting a lot of attention. And there’s no place where organization is more important than in New York City, where all the accoutrements of a busy city lifestyle — clothes, bags, gadgets, and entertainment necessities — can drag you down if everything isn’t in its proper place. Luckily, in the many luxury LIC condos for sale Modern Spaces represents, there’s plenty of space to organize to your heart’s content.

But there’s always room for improvement in your skills. So, here are some tips for keeping organized in your new home:

Make Your Bed
This is a simple, but powerful one — though it may be a pain to do right before you run off to work. Nothing ties a bedroom together and makes it look neat and tidy like a well-made bed. It’s great to start your morning knowing that you’ll be coming home to an orderly bedroom. Future you will always thank present you for little touches like this.

Baskets and Bins
No one likes clutter — whether it’s in your refrigerator or your walk-in closet. While it’s easy to simply group likes with likes when organizing a space, a cabinet filled with cleaning products under the sink can still look like it’s in disarray even if you know it’s not. What to do? Utilize stylish bins and baskets to organize items for quick and easy access. Lovely wicker baskets are perfect for storing your towels and sheets (throw in a lavender sash for a luxe touch). And hard, clear plastic bins with handles are great for pulling things in and out of the fridge — plus, they help to contain messes if anything leaks.

File Folding
This is one of Marie Kondo’s tips for keeping your clothes organized. Good Housekeeping recommends it, too, so you know it has to be good. WomansDay describes how to file fold like a pro: “Ideally, clothes should be folded in a manner that allows them to ‘stand on end.’ Then, line them up in rows from the front of the drawer to the back of the drawer.” If you store your clothes this way, you will be able to see all of your items from above, making it much easier to find your favorite black T-shirt. Pro tip: Organize your clothes by color for a next-level organizational experience.

Relax & Enjoy
Being at home should be a pleasure, but constantly worrying about organizing is anything but. So, give yourself a break if some of your things are out of place — you’ll get it all worked out eventually. And remember: The time you spend straightening up will be well worth it when you look at your luxury home in LIC or Astoria and see a clean, well-organized space, ready for all the good times you’ll have there.